Privacy at the Flick of a Switch

Useful Information

How Does It Work?
The active component is a liquid crystal polymer, which changes its visual appearance when an electrical current is applied. A flick of a switch transforms the film and glass from frosted to clear.

Where Can It Be Used?
Because it is supplied as a self-adhesive film it is suitable for fitting to both new and existing glass.

How Is It Supplied?

The film is available in 1500mm widths and can be cut to any size.  Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions.

The film must be supplied cut to the exact size as it can’t be trimmed on site.

It comes with a bus-bar (electrifying strip) already fitted and will need to be connected to the power supply by a qualified electrician.


We recommend the outer dimensions of the film are 2-3mm shorter than the visual area of the glass.


We can supply you with a budget quotation if you are able to provide individual glass panel sizes and quantities.

A fixed quotation can be provided as a result of a survey or the provision of final measurements.


As the film is supplied in standard widths, there is not a set square metre price and every job is priced individually.

We will work out the most cost effective method of supplying the film to minimise any wastage.


To ensure your Switchable Film arrives in perfect condition it is important that it is transported in suitable, robust shipping crates. We will only use carriers that we know and trust.

Packing and postage costs vary depending upon quantity and delivery address.

Installation of Film

DIY installation is not recommended owing to the value and technical nature of the film. However, if you have competent fitters available, we would be more than happy to provide the film on a supply only basis.

We recommend that the film is fitted by professional installers and have our own team of experts available. We would be happy to quote for installation and the cost would be dependent on the size of the project and your location.

Installation guidelines are included in our Technical Guide – download a copy here.

Electrical Installation

To ensure the safe and proper operation of the switchable film, it must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Wiring diagrams are included in our Technical Guide – download a copy here.

Cleaning and Aftercare

Exposed Switchable Film surfaces should be cleaned initially with either a low pressure compressed air or electrical blower to remove any abrasive contaminants.

Only once this has been carried out should the film surface be cleaned with soft IPA wipes and/or a PH neutral, non-abrasive liquid glass cleaning product applied sparingly with a lint-free, clean, soft cloth.

Do not allow any metal or hard parts of the cleaning equipment to contact the plastic surfaces.


Full details of our 1-year warranty are included in our Technical Guide – download a copy here.

Please note all prices quoted are exclusive of packaging, shipping and VAT if applicable.

If you have any questions please contact us by email or by telephoning 01752 252583.

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